Runes of Issalia Series: Author Interview

Runes of Issalia is a series filled with classical fantasy elements described as a “A classic underdog story, perfect for fans of zero-to-hero fantasy adventures, filled with magic, mystery, and monsters.” 


This young adult fantasy series written by Jeffery L. Kohanek takes teen fantasy to a whole new level, not sugar coating the grit that many YA series’ do but respecting the audience for what they are, young adults.

When young, the authors literary inspirations were the works of Raymond Feist and David Eddings, and Jeffery told us that: “These books featured nobody teen protagonists who grew into heroes as they discovered their abilities and learned to harness them. Those are elements I wish to include in my novels in hope of inspiring other readers, both teen and adult”

Although Kohaneks books are classically fantastical he found it specifically compelling to write a deeper world, saying: “I also made an effort to create a world with unique history, populated with a magic and uncommon monsters rather than follow in Tolkien’s footsteps as so many other authors have done.”

Runes of Issalia is available on Amazon as a complete trilogy.

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