Mark Avon – Circle of Surfeit: Q&A

Mark Avons Circle of Surfeit is a book about a “land beset by troubles. Ambitious nobles scheming for power as armies preparing for war.” The Book and indeed the writer is at their dazzling best when dealing with characters, as they are as deep as they are entertaining.
Fantasy Scriptorium spoke to the up and coming writer: 51h80VgzwEL

How Successful have you been thus far?

“It’s the elusive scent of success, so far! But that’s as expected: there’s so many talented people writing fantasy now. I’m just a new arrival at base camp, staring wistfully at the summit.”

Which author inspires you if any?

“There are many, but I’d list some of the first fantasy authors I read. Their books seemed vividly real when I was young. Tolkien: for the detail of his world. Moorcock: for the breadth of his imagination. Leiber: for the wit and sharpness of his writing – when I’m verbose, I remind myself that ‘Ill Met in Lankhmar’ says everything in 70 pages…”

What are your ambitions as a fantasy author?

“To improve

With the book you’ve written thus far, Circle of Surfeit, what have you learned from your first published work?

“A great deal – starting with a dawning understanding of just how much there is to learn. Also, that I have a problem with ellipses… but I’m getting help for this.”

How would you describe your style of story writing?

“A modestly entertaining blend of light and dark, with the occasional suggestion that something deeper is struggling to get out!”

Marks work is available on Amazon


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