How Reddit Helps Fantasy Authors Thrive

Reddit can be many things, its the self titled homepage of the internet. but it sometimes can be a force for good. For aspiring fantasy authors it can be a breeding ground of ideas and fans.

Writer of the Blood Brothers book, K.S. Villiso, believes reddit can be a great place for fantasy authors, saying: “I found some of my biggest supporters through Reddit; even though some of them think their voices don’t count for much, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Their belief and support continues to drive me forward.”

Similarly, many authors have attested reddit with praise for the community its has inadvertently created. Steve Thomas of the Klondaeg books said: “It keeps me abreast of various opportunities, including anthologies and review blogs. I’ve done giveaways and an AMA, which can be great for exposure. I’ve also gotten a few confirmed sales from the self-promo threads and reviews from members who specifically ask for indie authors to recommend themselves. r/fantasy is a great community.”

Reddit can indeed be a hot bed for distraction but in the fantasy reddit thread there isn’t many better places to talk about the community’s favourite past-time.

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