Fantasy Illumination: Digitesque – Guerric Hache

Canadian author Guerric Hache’s Digitesque is a world that is both post-apocalyptic and fantastical, a world that is being slowly swallowed by time, but his books appear timeless. With originality but with homages sprinkled throughout, ensure that Hache’s series lasts long in the memory.

“Two young women must navigate a long-forgotten world that is being ground to dust by time and the growing wilderness, each only slowly becoming aware of the other’s existence. They will both have the chance to light a fire to change the world – but first, they must become the people they will need to be.”

Digitesque – Guerric Hache

Guerric chose to write about two female protagonists as he feels that he can identify with those characters more, saying: “I’ve always had an easier time relating to female characters, whether that be protagonists in books or on-screen, or the characters I play in video games. Almost all the stories I see on my bookshelf right now are led by women, for example”.

On Digestique, the author spoke about his inspiration for writing such a series, citing: “I’m interested ways that individuals and cultures relate to material objects, the ways they use those material objects to structure their narratives about their place in the world. Digitesque’s world and its recovery from its ancient apocalypse has been a fun way to explore this relationship”

The Digitesque series is available on Amazon.

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