Fantasy Illumination: Below – Lee Gaiteri

A book with shades of Dungeons and Dragons and comparisons to classical rpgs, Below, by Lee Gaiteri, offers fans of the fantasy genre an excuse to dive back into their nostalgic roots, in a story filled with reverence, clarity and off the cuff wit. 

Below tells the story of a highwayman named Brenish and his quest for riches, through deceit and turmoil the story sees him go for glory, while often not considering the consequences.


Gaiteri describes himself while writing as being “a pantser, which is to say I typically write by the seat of my pants, making things up along as I go.” This, although not obvious when reading, may attest for the refreshing storytelling the author delivers in below.

The author believes that, although video games were an inspiration, it was there lack of storytelling which compelled him to write:  “It all comes back to the stories, Brenish has hoarded tales of all sorts of adventurers who managed to make it out alive, and each one has a different tale to tell”.

Below is available on Amazon

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