Fantasy Illumination: The Nihilian Effect – Kal S. Davian

Kal S. Davian is an author of several books in his growing fantasy series, The Nihilian Effect, but hasn’t yet published the first of his planned novels in the main saga. Instead, Davian has written several “lore books”. That’s not to say that the stories we’ve read thus far aren’t exciting or worth a read though, and only serve to wet our appetite for what is to come from the author.

In the words of the creator, The Nihilian Effect is “a science fantasy series centered on a world run by magic and magically powered technology. It is filled with many fantasy races, monsters, gods and more. It is a mix of stories with different genres spanning a long timeline. Ancient secrets and technology are sprinkled throughout, hinting at aliens and events beyond the scope of one small planet”

Kal S. Davian. Nihilian Effect

When Fantasy Scriptorium spoke to Davian he explained that the “lore books” he’s written thus far for the Nihilian Effect aren’t exactly as advertised: “They started as accessories to the full novel ideas I plan to write later. They have since become their own series, and I will most likely be changing the title of Lore to something more fitting. They are now only lore in relation to the original novel idea.”

The Lore series in question “focuses on a semi post apocalyptic era after the first world war between the gods. Most magic and technology is lost, monsters are running rampant, and the world has become withdrawn as travel and advancement slows.”

The lore series’ concept has whispers of Terry Brooks’ Shannara series but with perhaps a more mature edge.

Kal S. Davian’s current books are currently available on Amazon.

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