Fantasy Illumination: ClockWorld: The Iron City – Ben Myatt

Many fantasy authors have stuck to the same series for countless years, and fewer ever have had the bravery to not only diverge, but try something new. Ben Myatt, author of the High Moon Rising series, has done exactly that and released a new book with a more fantastically steampunk feel. 

The novel Clockworld: The Iron City, sees princess Aldeira, rightful heir to the throne, join forces with peasants, criminals and thieves in order to help protect her city and reclaim her birthright.

Clockworld: The Iron City. Ben Myatt

From classically western fantasy with Myatts first series, to a dystopian steampunk city, the author claims that this realm is where he belongs: “This is definitely the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done, and Clockworld was a book that just dragged me onwards because I was enjoying it so much. I think I’ve found my niche there, at least for now”.

Though, with Myatt’s writing, you won’t find deep or complex discussions on human nature or the meaning of life, but what you will read are full blooded stories full of life and laced with fun. Of his own style Myatt was unashamedly honest: “I believe that, above all, fantasy should be fun. I’m never going to be the kind of bloke that tries for deep themes or social analysis. I just trying to write enjoyable books”.

You can read Clockworld: The Iron City now on Amazon.

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